08:30Welcome Speech & Opening Remark서울의대 이명철
08:40~09:20Session 1.
Enhanced Recovery after Knee Arthroplasty:
Pre-/Intra-operatvie Management
좌장: 한창동 / 김경택
08:40What is ERAS in knee arthroplasty?: Evidence from literature서울의대 김태우
08:47Practical guide for preoperative patient optimization고려의대 배지훈
08:54Does anesthesia matter for fast recovery?서울의대 마취과 김진태
09:01What kind of options do we have for the painless TKA?SNU서울병원 이상훈
09:20~10:10Session 2.
Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty
좌장: 우영균 / 최남용
09:20How to choose HTO or UKA for unicompartmental arthritis경희의대 김강일
09:27Tips and tricks for fixed- and mobile-bearing UKA가톨릭의대 인 용
09:34Any differences among outcomes of HTO, fixed- or mobile UKA?동의의료원 송무호
09:41How to avoid and troubleshoot complications in UKA연세의대 이우석
09:48Tips and tricks for patellofemoral arthroplasty보훈병원 윤정로
10:10~10:30Tea Break
10:30~11:20Live Surgery I좌장: 배대경 / 전철홍
 UKA서울의대 이명철
11:20~11:55Session 3.
Total Knee Arthroplasty
좌장: 조우신 / 서정탁
11:20How to achieve optimal bone resection and gaps성균관의대 문영완
11:27Any change of golden rule for alignment?서울의대 이용석
11:34Various ways for management of combined extraarticular deformity서울의대 강승백
11:41Stepwise techniques for management of severe varus and valgus knee부민병원 서승석
11:48Solution and prevention of severe flexion contracture and recurvatum한양의대 최충혁
13:10~14:10Live Surgery II좌장: 임홍철 / 송은규
 TKA서울의대 이명철
14:10~14:50Session 4.
Enhanced Recovery after Knee Arthroplasty:
Postoperative Management
좌장: 성상철 / 김명구
14:10Optimal timing of mobilzation and oral intake서울의대 장문종
14:17Advanced postoperative pain management조선의대 김동휘
14:24Various ways to control postoperative nausea and vomiting전남의대 선종근
14:31Best way for blood conservation and tranfusion-free TKA서울의대 노두현
14:50~15:40Session 5.
Perioperative Complications:
How to avoid and how to get out of trouble
좌장: 김영후 / 조성도
14:50Tips and pearls for zero rate of infection이화의대 유재두
14:57Troubleshooting for patellofemroral maltracking and extensor mechanism disruption전북의대 이주홍
15:04How to deal with recurrent hemarthrosis or effusion일산병원 유주형
15:11Various ways for management of periprosthetic fracture가천의대 심재앙
15:18Best option for prophylaxis and management of VTE and PE for Korean patients경희의대 송상준
15:40-16:00Tea Break
16:00~16:50Session 6.
Tips for Revision TKA
좌장: 정영복 / 빈성일
16:00DAIR: Re-emerging alternative for acute PJI?경북의대 경희수
16:07Tips and tricks for two-stage RTKA for chronic PJI중앙의대 이한준
16:14Various surgical techniques to revise the stiff knee고려의대 한승범
16:21How to revise the unstable knee: algorithm for implant constraint울산의대 최영준
16:28How to manage bone defect and fix the implant서울의대 장종범
16:50~17:10Session 7.
Surgical Video Session in Revision TKA
좌장: 김정만 / 이범구
 Revision surgery for failed UKA서울의대 한혁수
17:10~17:50Session 8.
Meet the Expert - Case Discussion
좌장: 서재곤 / 이명철
17:10Case I, II, III, IV가톨릭의대 고해석
울산의대 김종민
인제의대 김창완
충북의대 최의성
17:50Review of Live Surgery Cases and Closing Remarks서울의대 이명철

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